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Ethics in Research
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Ethics in Research

Ethics Committee - Member resources

Members of the ethics committee should visit the committee's Vula website to obtain access to the relevant resources.

Ethics in Research

Any person planning to undertake research in the Commerce Faculty should answer the following questions:

  1. Is your research making use of human subjects as a source of data? (you are using questionnaires, surveys, interviews, secondary data about people)
  2. Is there a possibility that your research could cause harm to a third party?
  3. Does your research involve the participation of communities?
  4. Is your research providing a service to a community?
  5. If your research is sponsored, is there any potential conflict of interest?
  6. Is your research in the field of Health? Please read the following document : Ethics in Health Research and read the additional note below.

Research within the Health Sector

The Commerce Faculty Ethics Board is not registered to grant approval to applications that are covered in the Health Act of South Africa and are defined as health research:

 “health research” includes any research which contributes to knowledge of-

         (a) the biological, clinical, psychological or social processes in human beings;
         (b) improved methods for the provision of health services;
         (c) human pathology;
         (d) Causes of disease;
         (e) the effects of the environment on the human body;
         (f) the development or new application of pharmaceuticals, medicines and
         (g) the development of new applications of health technology;

Please see  http://www.health.uct.ac.za/fhs/research/humanethics/about. You are also required to submit an application to Commerce when submitting an application to Health Sciences.

 The Application Process in the Commerce Faculty

Please see below what you need to do in order to receive ethics approval, based on the answer to the question above :

Should you have any questions regarding Ethics Applications, please speak in the first instance to the course convenor, your supervisor or your departmental representative:    

Representative Department Email Address
Jean-Paul Van Belle Dept. of Information Systems Jean-Paul.Vanbelle@uct.ac.za
Michael Harber College of Accounting Michael.Harber@uct.ac.za
Sean Gossel Graduate School of Business (GSB) Sean.Gossel@gsb.uct.ac.za
Phillip De Jager Dept. of Finance & Tax Phillip.DeJager@uct.ac.za
Tony Leiman School of Economics Tony.Leiman@uct.ac.za
Etienne Pienaar Dept. of Statistical Sciences Etienne.pienaar@uct.ac.za
Signe Rousseau Dept. of Management Studies Signe.Rousseau@uct.ac.za
Elvina Moosa Graduate School of Dev.Policy & Practice (GSDPP) Elvina.Moosa@uct.ac.za
Carlos de Jesus College of Accounting Carlos.Dejesus@uct.ac.za

Please find below some of the important documents:

Forms for applying to use UCT staff or students as human participants