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Ethics in Research
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Ethics in Research

Any research conducted in the Faculty of Commerce that makes use of data regarding human subjects (including research using secondary data only) requires approval from the Ethics in Research Committee.

Retrospective Clearance

The Commerce Ethics in Research Committee does not grant retrospective approvals for research that has already been initiated. Any such projects will only be approved on the condition that data collected prior to approval is discarded.

Research within the Health Sector

The Commerce Ethics in Research Committee is not registered to approve applications that are covered by the Health Act of South Africa. “Health research” includes any research which contributes to knowledge of:

         (a) the biological, clinical, psychological or social processes in human beings;
         (b) improved methods for the provision of health services;
         (c) human pathology;
         (d) Causes of disease;
         (e) the effects of the environment on the human body;
         (f) the development or new application of pharmaceuticals, medicines and
         (g) the development of new applications of health technology;

Any research that meets the criteria listed above must be submitted to the Health Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee.

The Application Process in the Commerce Faculty

Key UCT policies related to research ethics are available on the Office of Research Integrity website, and applicants are advised to read those relevant to their application before submission.

Steps to be followed by all Management Studies students:

Steps to be followed for other Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate Diploma, or Master's research (fewer than 90 credits):

Steps to be followed by a Master's Student doing a research project (90 credits or more) :

 Steps to be followed by a PhD student doing a research project (90 credits or more) :

Steps to be followed by a member of staff doing a research project

External Researcher (student or staff member who are not part of the UCT community, including international researchers, NGOs or other organisations)

Should you have any questions regarding Ethics Applications, please speak in the first instance to the course convenor, your supervisor or your departmental representative:

Representative     Department    Email Address
Jean-Paul Van Belle     Dept. of Information Systems     Jean-Paul.Vanbelle@uct.ac.za
Michael Harber     College of Accounting     Michael.Harber@uct.ac.za
Sean Gossel     Graduate School of Business (GSB)     Sean.Gossel@gsb.uct.ac.za
Phillip De Jager   Dept. of Finance & Tax     Phillip.DeJager@uct.ac.za
Neryvia Pillay     School of Economics    Neryvia.Pillay@uct.ac.za
Etienne Pienaar     Dept. of Statistical Sciences     Etienne.Pienaar@uct.ac.za
Signe Rousseau   School of Management Studies Signe.Rousseau@uct.ac.za
Elvina Moosa     Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance  Elvina.Moosa@uct.ac.za
Carlos de Jesus     College of Accounting   Carlos.Dejesus@uct.ac.za

  Please find below some of the important documents:

•    University of Cape Town policies on research integrity
•    Faculty of Commerce Research Ethics Policy 
•    Faculty of Commerce Research Misconduct Policy
•    Ethics Signatories Form 
•    Information and forms for applying to use UCT staff or students as human participants