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Bianca Hansen: the entrepreneurial go-getter
12 September, 2016

BCom management student Bianca Hansen almost faced academic exclusion in her first year of study, but she persevered. Three years later, she now runs two successful businesses.

After matriculating in 2010, Hansen was excited to leave home and explore the world. She spent her December holiday completing a TEFL course to teach English abroad. Soon after, she found a Swiss family who hired her to teach their three-year-old son to speak English.

“Europe, in general, is beautiful. However, things just seem to work too well … like clockwork. People understand English; transportation is efficient; life was too easy,” she says.

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‘I’ve always had a thing for creating value’
08 September, 2016

Fred Ajusi learnt from an early age the importance of saving as well as making your own money.

A fourth year BCom economics and finance student, Ajusi takes pride in being financially savvy.

“People call me stingy,” he chuckles. “They think I’m a stingy guy because I don’t like to spend money, and I think that it’s not that I’m stingy; I just understand the value of money,” explains Ajusi. “When you understand the value of money, and you realise the idea behind spending, you realise that small changes that you make to your spending habits can have a major impact on your long-run financial standing.”

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Secret weapon of a busy dean’s assistant
22 August, 2016

The slogan on Freda Williams’ coffee mug, a recent birthday gift from a colleague, says: “I can’t help it if I’m awesome”.

The contents, freshly tapped from the coffee maker in the corner, may explain her upbeat mood. Or it could just be the bright and airy reception in the Dean’s Suite, which is housed in one of the campus’s busiest precincts.

“It’s a happy place,” says Williams.

In her 11 years with UCT’s largest faculty she has worked as PA to a diverse succession of four deans and three acting deans (one was acting dean twice). Each brought their own personality and style.

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