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Dynamic commerce team wins national water award
05 October, 2015

Each year, the Water Research Commission of South Africa recognises exceptional contributions to the water sector.

This year, the commission chose Professor Ulrike Rivett and iCOMMS, a research team in the Department of Information Systems in the Faculty of Commerce, for their work using mobile technology to improve water management in rural areas.

The iCOMMS team has been working on a system that communities can use to transfer information from outlying areas to municipalities so that they can respond quickly and proactively to any problems. Rivett leads a team of 15 PhD and master’s students, and her payoff is not only in publications with iCOMMS team members, but also the experience of breaking ground in the research that is being done.

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Keen to learn online with the University of Cape Town?
02 October, 2015

Online learning is gaining massive momentum in South Africa.

Over 37,000 South Africans have already taken advantage of exciting professional development opportunities now accessible entirely part-time, thanks to the University of Cape Town partnering with online education companies like GetSmarter.

We’re living in a world where, thanks to technology, you can continue to learn new skills and grow in your career - while maintaining a full time job. For first-time online students, however, the experience can be daunting.

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Dr Tanner voted President-elect of top Information Systems body
30 September, 2015

Dr Maureen Tanner, a senior lecturer in the Information Systems Department, has been voted in as the President-elect of the Southern African chapter of the world's top Information Systems professional body.

HoD Prof Kevin Johnston said: "It is a huge honour for the Department of Information Systems at UCT to have on its team the President-elect of the Southern African chapter of the AIS, the world’s premier Information Systems professional organisation.”The Association of Information Systems is a global organisation and its Southern African chapter is known as AISSAC.

Dr Tanner added: “I was nominated for the President- elect position by Prof Jason Cohen from the University of the Witwatersrand. I was then elected during the 2015 Annual AISSAC Seminar on the 28 September 2015.

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