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New GSB course tackles SA's manager shortage
14 October, 2014

UCT's Graduate School of Business (GSB) is introducing a new Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice (PgDip), aimed at producing more skilled middle managers in Africa.

Speaking at a recent PgDip information session, GSB director Professor Walter Baets said that although South African business schools offer excellent top-end and lower-end business qualifications, there is a gap in the middle of the business education ladder which the GSB aims to fill.

"What we don't see in South Africa is a kind of qualification that speaks to middle managers and young senior managers, and which goes beyond functional insights. At this level, people need not only knowledge of finance and accounting, but also of how to go beyond this and use it in a broader framework," he said.

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Phishing scams: you are the weakest link
26 September, 2014

It's a hectic day at the office, with the phone ringing off the hook and requests streaming in from your boss and colleagues. A new email message catches your eye. Coming from, it reads: "Urgent!!! Your email account has been put on-hold by our server due to irregularities. Please click this link and log in to avoid having your account suspended."

Losing your email account is a problem you don't need at the moment, so you click the link, quickly enter your UCT login credentials and get on with your work.The email described above is an example of "phishing" – a social engineering technique that criminals use to get you to hand over personal, confidential information – which they then use for malicious and often financially damaging purposes.

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Extending reach across Africa
22 September, 2014

Across Africa is the Faculty of Commerce's strategic initiative, aligned with UCT's Afropolitan vision, to broaden access to higher education across the continent through a blend of online and face-to-face education models. The initiative is being launched in partnership with GetSmarter, an online education company, and hopes to enrol some 1 000 students in postgraduate programmes over the next five years.

Across Africa was born out of the question: is technology an enabler or an impediment to expanding access to education? The answer, following a pilot project where two groups of UCT students were presented their normally residential courses in blended format, identified technology as an enabler, much to the delight of faculty members.

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