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UCT Course paves the way for a career in project management
28 June, 2016

For aspiring Kenyan entrepreneur, Wanjiru Chabeda, the journey from Nairobi to Cape Town for her graduation at UCT in June, was worth every minute. It was the culmination of a year of hard work, juggling a career and an Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management at UCT.

Chabeda was among the first crop of 255 students to graduate from the year-long distance learning programme, the first of its kind at UCT. It was designed and convened by UCT Emeritus Professor Derek Smith, and run with GetSmarter, which partners with UCT in providing online courses for working professionals.

Chabeda’s mother, Isabel, and twin sister, Aleyo, who is studying towards her PhD in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UCT, were there to share in the celebration. To top it all, Chabeda had earned a distinction.

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A minimum wage needs to balance risk and opportunity, says DPRU
27 June, 2016

The benefits of setting a national minimum wage at R2 447 per month could, on average, outweigh the costs, but setting it at R3 400 could risk far greater job losses, warns a research paper from UCT’s Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU).

Weighing up the costs and risks of setting a national minimum wage at these two levels, the DPRU, in a study led by Professor Haroon Bhorat, argue that a baseline of R2 447 could result in job losses of up to 281 000 people across the board. This is far more palatable than the more than 500 000 low-wage workers who might expect to lose their jobs should the baseline be set at R3 400.

But when it comes to the bigger picture of socio-economic equity, a national minimum wage would only be one – and perhaps a minor – component of a broader social programme to reduce inequality, boost employment and grow the economy.

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Investment Analysts award tops stellar career for Prof Taylor
23 June, 2016

Professor David Taylor, the director of the African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management (AIFMRM) in the Faculty of Commerce, won great acclaim in Johannesburg last night as the winner of the 2014 Paper of the Year in the Investment Analysts Journal.

His paper is entitled Modelling South African single-stock futures option volatility smiles

It was a highly contested competition. According to Mark Ingham, Chairman of the Investment Analysts Society of South Africa (IASSA), Prof Taylor’s paper was judged the best of 14 articles from 9 countries in a double-blind process.

He said: “In addition to the recognition of being the winner we are delighted to be able to award you a cash prize of R25 000 and the IASSA Squirrel.”

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