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UCT Tax students win the first Global Tax Treaty Commentaries Universities Project Award
22 June, 2017

A team of four Commerce Tax Masters students (Michael Dewar specialising in South African Tax with Rui Carvalho, Imran Daniels and Waleed Sahabodien, all specialising in International Tax) competed in the first Global Tax Treaty Commentaries (GTTC) Universities Project.

Each team from around the world had to prepare a research paper from their country’s perspective on: "The Role of Foreign Court Decisions towards Global Convergence in the Interpretation of Tax Treaties." Associate Professor Craig West, from the Department of Finance and Tax, acted as the South African team coach.

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The state of SA’s youth
16 June, 2017

Only 32.7% of Manenberg’s 6 685 young adults (between 15 and 24) have completed matric, and equivalent or higher. And only 15% of people in that age group are currently attending an educational institution. In this same age group, 64.6% of students who wrote matric in 2015 passed, but this was only 28% of the Grade 8 students who entered high school in 2011.

All this, and much more demographic data for young adults in South Africa, is available on the new Youth Explorer online portal, which launches on Youth Day (16 June) 2017.

The portal sheds light on the state of our young people’s wellbeing as far as their access to healthcare, education, employment, the types of dwellings they live in and who they live with, relative poverty (or wealth), vulnerability to crime, plus a range of other detailed indicators

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Digsconnect: safe student accommodation
12 June, 2017

Alexandria Procter, UCT alumnus and founder of Digsconnect, took a look at the student accommodation issue and decided it was time for a fresh approach. She felt that a system needed to be built and implemented by the people who understand the situation intimately – students who had themselves struggled to find suitable accommodation.

Procter, who describes herself as an “accidental entrepreneur”, had planned on pursuing a career in science or writing. But it was during her Students’ Representative Council (SRC) tenure in 2014 that she was first confronted with the accommodation crisis and conceptualised a solution.

However, she only started developing a basic version of the Digsconnect platform in November last year. Since then, there have been several redesigns of the site with a developer and, if all goes according to plan, it will officially be launched this week.

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