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Top World Bank appointment for Bhorat
26 June, 2015

UCT economist Professor Haroon Bhorat has been chosen as a member of a select World Bank team that will tackle global poverty.

He joins 23 other expert international economists on the World Bank's new Commission on Global Poverty, which was launched on 22 June. The commission's stated aim is to measure and monitor poverty around the world to "help the World Bank achieve its twin goals [of reduced poverty and shared prosperity] and also track other forms of poverty and deprivation", it said in a statement.

The goal is to end extreme and chronic poverty by 2030, and the institution wants to "hold the yardstick constant for measuring extreme poverty until then", says Kaushik Basu, its chief economist.

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UCT opens up mid-year intake for GetSmarter advanced diploma
10 June, 2015

UCT, through its Across Africa partnership with online education company GetSmarter, offers this course together with a Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Marketing. Strong demand for these courses resulted in applicant numbers far exceeding targets and therefore a mid-year intake of students for the Advance Diploma in Project Management was made available.

"A key virtue of online education is its flexibility – you can study when and where you like, so long as you complete tasks on time. With a mid-year intake for the advanced diploma, we increase that flexibility further. Some working professionals might find that their workflow suits a February start, but for others that might be the busiest time of their year. They can now start the course in June instead," says Across Africa managing director Jacques Rousseau.

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First mid-year intake of students at UCT
08 May, 2015

The University of Cape Town, through its “Across Africa” partnership with the leading online education company, GetSmarter, has announced that it will offer a mid-year intake in their online Advanced Diploma.

The partnership successfully launched its first online Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management, as well as a postgraduate Diploma in Management in Marketing, in February. Strong demand for these diplomas resulted in applicant numbers far exceeding targets, attracting more than 1500 applications, leading to 460 enrolments. To meet this demand,

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