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Commerce staff meeting with VC – message from the Acting Dean of Commerce
10 November, 2015

Thanks to the many staff who attended and participated in the Faculty dialogue with the Vice Chancellor yesterday morning. Subsequently a number of staff have commented on the usefulness of this meeting. They now feel much better informed as they have gained a better understanding of the issues that management have been grappling with since the start of the student protests three weeks ago.

Many of you are probably aware of the events that unfolded at the emergency Senate meeting yesterday afternoon. Soon after the Senate meeting started a group of circa 150 UCT, CPUT and UWC students stormed the venue (Kramer LT2) and disrupted the meeting. Some of them surrounded the Vice Chancellor and started screaming at him. Water, water bottles and food were thrown at Senate members and members of the Executive.

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Business Unusual at the Faculty of Commerce
09 November, 2015

It is no longer “Business as Usual” at the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Cape Town since the historic #Feesmustfall campaign.

Interim Dean Prof Mike Wormald predicted that the #Rhodesmustfall incident was the biggest transformational challenge to UCT since the Archie Mafeje incident, and he was no doubt correct.
Much soul searching has now happened and the head of the Transformation Task Team, Prof Kanshu Rajaratnam as well as the head of the Transformation Committee, Prof Irwin Brown reflected on the significance of the Student Spring.

“It would be a big mistake to go back to Business as usual. We have to grab the opportunities to change the transformational culture in the faculty,” said Prof Rajaratnam.Prof Brown examined the trajectory of the Commerce Faculty towards transformation over recent years.

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Prof Rajaratnam enters the SA Young Academy of Science
05 November, 2015

Associate Professor Kanshu Rajaratnam, who is the Strategic Projects Manager in the Faculty of Commerce, has been inducted into the South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS).Announcing this rare honour this week, the interim Dean of Commerce, Professor Mike Wormald said: “We are very proud that Prof Kanshukan Rajaratnam is one of the ten new members inaugurated into the South African Young Academy of Science. Prof Rajaratnam, the sole UCT recipient of this honour in 2015, has a distinguished academic career and is very worthy of this recognition”.

He added: “The purpose of SAYAS is to focus on strengthening high level skills amongst young scientists and the promotion of scientific excellence, and the inclusion of Prof Rajaratnam in the Academy will be of major benefit to UCT and scholarship generally in Southern Africa.” In a letter to the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Max Price, recognition is paid to this Associate Professor.

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