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Secret weapon of a busy dean’s assistant
22 August, 2016

The slogan on Freda Williams’ coffee mug, a recent birthday gift from a colleague, says: “I can’t help it if I’m awesome”.

The contents, freshly tapped from the coffee maker in the corner, may explain her upbeat mood. Or it could just be the bright and airy reception in the Dean’s Suite, which is housed in one of the campus’s busiest precincts.

“It’s a happy place,” says Williams.

In her 11 years with UCT’s largest faculty she has worked as PA to a diverse succession of four deans and three acting deans (one was acting dean twice). Each brought their own personality and style.

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Balancing culture and career
18 August, 2016

Dr Ameeta Jaga always regarded herself as a liberated Indian woman. But once she delved into the literature of culture and the work–family interface, she became aware of the many ways in which that was less true.

“On reflection, my subservience surprised me. I realised that from an early age I had seen my mother assume multiple familial roles – being a mother, wife, daughter-in-law, hostess to guests – and executed them all dutifully to near perfection. I assumed I had to do the same.”

These are the sorts of cultural and social roles that Indian women may confront and that are often incongruous to the roles and expectations that are demanded from them in the contemporary workplace.

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Spectacular success of ESEFA celebrated
26 July, 2016

As any project manager will tell you, a key element of the process is celebrating its successful completion, and so it was that when the ESEFA project reached its pinnacle this was exuberantly acknowledged with fine wines and delicious food.

According to the Dean, Prof Ingrid Woolard: “ESEFA is one of the great success stories of the Faculty of Commerce and its team members need to be recognised for their sterling contribution. One measure of success of the project is that close to 4 000 students across Africa have benefited from the new African-inspired curriculum which originated at UCT in the Department of Information Systems.”

The UCT team included associate professor Lisa Seymour, project manager Karin Reissenauer, lecturers Gwamaka Mwalemba and Anjali Ramburn, Graeme Ampeire and Mbongeni Ncube doing technical support and project administrator Tejumade Adeniran.

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