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Acting Dean of Commerce

Professor Edwin Muchapondwa has been appointed the acting dean of the Faculty of Commerce effective from 1 July 2021 and will serve in this role until a permanent appointment is made.

Professor Muchapondwa is a professor in the School of Economics, and formerly served as the head of department. He was the founding director of the Environmental Policy Research Unit (EPRU), and now remains within the centre as a Senior Research Fellow.

Professor Muchpondwa is a guest professor at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden. He participates in the Environment for Development (EfD) Initiative - a global network of environmental economics research centres solving the world’s most pressing environmental and development challenges. He serves on the EfD Board and is Chair of the EfD Quality Assurance Panel.

He is a member of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) Expert Working Group on Natural Capital, and is the country representative for South Africa at the European Association for Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE).

His research deals with biodiversity conservation, community-based natural resource management, energy, and climate change. His research demonstrates the economic arguments for nature conservation, showing how greater protection of nature correlates with improvements in human welfare, and provides strategies to enhance nature conservation further. Professor Muchapondwa’s research has been published in international journals such as Ecological Economics, Environment and Development Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Journal of Development Studies, Natural Resource Modeling and World Development.