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Studying Information Systems at UCT

The Department of Information Systems’ mission is to be a leading African centre for research and study of information systems, producing world class graduates and research while playing a positive role in the upliftmen and empowerment of our community. This is only possible through the excellent endeavour of our academic staff, all with strong IS/IT background, in theoretical and research areas, as well as contemporary industry experience. Read more ...

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Rating system improves working conditions on digital platforms
29 March, 2019

Researchers from the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Information Systems (IS) Department formed part of the team that created the first-ever ratings system for working conditions on digital platforms.

The Fairwork Foundation, in collaboration with Oxford University, the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore, the University of Cape Town, the University of Manchester and the University of the Western Cape, has created a ratings system to evaluate the working conditions on platforms like Uber, Taxify, SweepSouth and NoSweat.

As part of a 30-month project funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), Professor Jean-Paul Van Belle and Dr Paul Mungai, both with UCT’s IS Department, investigated to what extent the Fairwork principles are adhered to by digital labour platforms operating in South Africa.

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Giant leap for student start-up
20 March, 2019

Students using Zaio – the UCT start-up that assists with building an information technology (IT) skills profile through coding – will experience a more streamlined offering now that the platform has adopted a fully automated way of doing business.

The Zaio platform was launched last year to help student developers gain practical experience and to help start-ups build affordable tech. It enables students to upskill themselves through a seamless journey consisting of multiple levels, and offers them help to build prototypes to contribute to their IT skills profile. Zaio’s ultimate aim is to help students find their dream jobs.

But co-founder Harjot Singh said that, until recently, a large amount of Zaio’s work was still performed offline and that “sorting developers’ information was a nightmare”. The platform needed an intervention, and so the fully automated system was developed and put into motion.

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UCT master’s degrees pull international students
30 January, 2019

They come from far and wide: from Zimbabwe, Haiti, Latvia, Monaco and the Falkland Islands, a diverse enrolment of 605 new international students who will be studying at the University of Cape Town (UCT) this year.

UCT’s 29 000-strong student body has 5 000 international students from 117 countries outside South Africa. With 776 students at UCT, Zimbabwe tops the list for international recruits, followed by the United States (596), Kenya (193), Namibia (193), Nigeria (192) and Zambia (183).

A significant number of the international newbies have applied for master’s degree programmes, a trend that’s evident across all six academic faculties. Registrations show the Faculty of Health Sciences leads with 57 international master’s candidates, followed by the Faculty of Science with 44, and the Faculty of Commerce with 42.

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