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Monday mornings is when investors sell losses
27 February, 2019

Stock market investors are more likely to sell losses on Monday mornings, according to research published on the 23rd February 2019.

Overall, investors are reluctant to sell losses because of the anguish felt when a paper loss is crystallised into a real loss. However, this did not occur first thing on Monday morning when the market opened.

The research is important because it suggests that investor susceptibility to bias is reduced when people have time to think through investment decisions. For investors, they are using the weekend and then Monday morning to put right the bad investment decision.

RMIT researcher Dr Daniel Richards, a Lecturer in Wealth Management in the School of Accounting, and Dr Gizelle Willows, an Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town investigated the days of the week and the time of day that investor’s trade.

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UCT master’s degrees pull international students
30 January, 2019

They come from far and wide: from Zimbabwe, Haiti, Latvia, Monaco and the Falkland Islands, a diverse enrolment of 605 new international students who will be studying at the University of Cape Town (UCT) this year.

UCT’s 29 000-strong student body has 5 000 international students from 117 countries outside South Africa. With 776 students at UCT, Zimbabwe tops the list for international recruits, followed by the United States (596), Kenya (193), Namibia (193), Nigeria (192) and Zambia (183).

A significant number of the international newbies have applied for master’s degree programmes, a trend that’s evident across all six academic faculties. Registrations show the Faculty of Health Sciences leads with 57 international master’s candidates, followed by the Faculty of Science with 44, and the Faculty of Commerce with 42.

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Winfield’s winning ways continue
21 December, 2018

The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Associate Professor James “Jimmy” Winfield continues to rack up awards for teaching excellence. But for the College of Accounting lecturer, it is all about making a difference.

Reflecting on his motivation in life, Winfield recalls his days as a waiter: “I used to love the fact that people would come in hungry and a bit grumpy and then, at the end, they would leave with a smile on their face and I had a little bit to do with that.”

While those days may be over, he thrives on bringing a similar satisfaction and enjoyment to those he teaches at UCT. It’s a formula that has served both the students and Winfield well, evident in his array of awards and the affectionate nickname, “Uncle Jimmy”, by which many students refer to him.

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