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The overall objective of the Centre will be to promote research and develop expertise in areas in which actuaries can add value. 

Specifically this objective includes the following:

  • To undertake and publish high quality research

  • To provide a platform for collaborative research with other South African centres 

  • To develop links with organisations and individuals involved in related research, nationally and internationally. 

  • To undertake consultancy appointments for Government and the Regulatory authorities. (Private sector consultancy will be undertaken where the insights gained will contribute to the broader research agenda, and the research in no way compromises the overall objectives of the Centre.)

  • To build capacity in actuarial research through the contracting and mentoring of young researchers.

  • To build capacity in Government and industry to understand the financial implications of policy decisions, through conducting seminars, workshops and short courses in the focus areas.

  • To develop a programme at UCT to train students in demography (as opposed to population studies), and build capacity by bringing together demographers in the Western Cape.

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