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Helping you get a head start in making a success of your studies and your future career.

Many students entering university for the first time are overwhelmed by the unfamiliar environment and having to take responsibility for making personal and academic choices while dealing with a demanding workload. Being part of the Step Up groups diminishes isolation, helps you to become integrated into the Faculty of Commerce and the wider UCT community. You will develop and practise specific life skills that improves your confidence in navigating the UCT environment and help you cope with your academic responsibilities so that you can have success in your studies.

Your Step Up facilitator provides a personal and sympathetic contact in the university, who can help with possible difficulties and refer you to appropriate resources on campus.

We cover the following topics:

  • Orientation and adjustment to UCT
  • Proactive Goal Setting
  • Managing your academic responsibilities
  • Time management
  • Managing stress in the university context
  • Making a success of your exams

What does this mean for me?

The course runs in the first semester and consists one ONE weekly tutorial at 08:00 or 09:00.  No exams or tests are written, but a 100% attendance rate at the weekly tutorial is required to obtain course credits. Classes are small (approximately 20 students) and interactive, and active participation is essential to derive the most benefit from these supportive and practical sessions.

Please contact Bonani Dube ( for any further assistance with this course.