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First year mentor programme (FMP)

The FMP offers first years the opportunity to connect with other first year students who are having similar experiences.  The FMP mentors are experienced senior students who have successfully negotiated the obstacles and challenges faced by first years. The mentor meetings happen weekly for about an hour in the first semester and can continue in the second semester if mutually agreed.

The topics discussed in the meetings will relate to the university environment, including finding your way at UCT, managing your tutorials, signing up for societies, making friends, living in res, writing your first test, preparing for exams, etc. Mentor groups are encouraged to talk about whatever feels important to the group at that time.

All EDU first year students are allocated a mentor through the Step Up course.All mainstream first year students who would like a FMP mentor, can contact

The FMP offers senior students (second year and above) the opportunity of being a mentor. As a mentor you will be able to make a valuable contribution to assisting first years with their adjustment to UCT, share your experiences of navigating life on campus, learn new skills (facilitation skills, people skills, etc.), meet new people (your mentees and other mentors), develop your CV, etc.

FMP mentors are required to: 

  • attend a one day training workshop in Orientation week
  • meet for one hour weekly with a group of mentees in the first semester
  • attend supervision sessions of 40 minutes every second week in the first semester with a supervisor and other mentors 

The application forms for FMP mentors will be sent to all senior students in November every year.

Senior Mentor Programme (SMP)

The SMP offers senior undergraduates the opportunity to have a postgraduate student as a mentor in a one-on-one mentor relationship.  Meetings will take place for one hour twice monthly.

SMP mentees will have the opportunity to:

  • share in the experiences of the mentor - on how they managed the demands of undergraduate studies, decided on post-graduate studies, networking advice, etc.
  • engage on issues pertinent to Commerce students
  • develop your communication skills
  • connect with someone sharing your interests.

SMP Mentors will be able to hone leadership and mentoring skills and develop their CV. They will be required to attend a two hour training workshop.

The application forms for SMP mentees  and SMP mentors will be sent to all senior students in February every year.  Enquiries to

Alumni Mentor Programme (AMP)

The AMP offers senior finalists and postgraduate students the opportunity to have UCT Commerce Alumni as AMP mentors in a one-on-one mentor relationship (via Skype, telephone or email if the mentor is based outside of Cape Town). 

This can assist mentees in the transition from an academic environment to the world of work. Mentees will communicate with their mentors for one hour twice a month: in person, by telephone, email or skype. (Many AMP mentors are not located in Cape Town).

AMP mentees will have the opportunity to:

  • share in the experiences of their mentor - on how they managed  the demands of their final year/s at UCT, starting their career as a UCT Commerce graduate, career highlights, networking advice etc.
  • engage on issues pertinent in their final year at UCT - an exciting but often daunting time
  • develop their communication skills
  • connect with someone sharing their interests

The application forms for AMP mentees will be sent to all senior students in February every year.   Enquiries to