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1. Intention to Submit

Students must inform the Faculty Office of their intention to submit for examination prior to actual submission for examination, by uploading the following to PeopleSoft:

Please see Student Upload Intention to Submit Guide.

The final dates for submission of dissertations are:

  • December 2020 graduation deadlines:
    • Intention: 30 June 2020
    • Submission of dissertation: 31 July 2020
  • March/April 2021 graduation deadlines:
    • Intention: 31 July 2020
    • Submission of dissertation: 31 August 2020


  1. Students who submit their corrections by 22 October 2020 as well as meeting the requirements for their qualification, may be able to attend a graduation ceremony in December 2020.
  2. Students who submit their corrections by 20 January 2021 as well as meeting the requirements for their qualification, may be able to attend a graduation ceremony in March/April 2021.
  3. A letter of completion may be issued, if required prior to the graduation ceremonies. Please contact

Please note that these dates are not necessarily in line with the fee rebate dates – please see point 5.

2. Dissertation Submission

After consultation with the supervisor a candidate hoping to graduate in March/April or end of the year is required to submit via PeopleSoft to the Faculty Office:

Please see Student Upload Thesis/Dissertation for Examination Guide.

Please check your PeopleSoft within a week to see if your service request was accepted or declined. If no action was taken, please contact the Faculty Office. 

3. Graduation

In order to qualify for your Masters degree and be able to attend graduation, you must meet all the requirements for your degree, these may include but are not limited to:

  • Successfully completing your dissertation component
  • Passing all necessary coursework
  •  A copy of the finalised dissertation is uploaded on PeopleSoft – Library Upload Guide.

What does ‘qualify’ mean?

A student qualifies when he or she has met the requirements for the degree/diploma which is ratified by the FEC and approved by SEC. Graduation may take place weeks or even months after this approval process.  A student may apply for a transcript which will show that the qualification has been completed and that graduation will take place on a date sometime in the future. 

What does ‘graduate’ mean?

A student graduates at a congregation of the University of Cape Town. That is, a graduation ceremony where the degree or diploma is conferred upon him/her. The graduation date appears on the certificate and transcript. Kindly note that the University of Cape Town does not undertake to reach a decision on the award of the degree by any specific date.  We will inform you once your examination process has been completed.

4. Registration

  • Please note that if you intend submitting your Master's dissertation for examination between December and before the academic term commences the following year, you will not be required to register.
  • If you submit your dissertation after the term commences (after 12h00 on 10 February 2020) you must re-register by the date set out on the registration programme. If you do not register and you submit your dissertation for examination, your dissertation will not be sent off for examination until you have re-registered.

5. Fees

A rebate on the annual academic fee for a masters’ dissertation is granted in the second or subsequent year in which the dissertation is being completed.

Refer to the Fees Handbook (No. 8.2) for the exact fee deadline dates.  Kindly note that these are not Faculty deadline dates, but fee deadline dates.

Please access the Fees Handbook on Where a student is required to revise and resubmit a thesis or dissertation the appropriate academic fee will apply (refer to Fees Handbook, No. 8.3):

  • Where a student is required to revise and resubmit a thesis or dissertation the academic fee will be charged per quarter (i.e. if the candidate must work for up to one quarter, the student will pay 25% of the full fee; for up to two quarters, he/she will pay 50% of the full fee and so on).
  • Note: Full annual fees will be billed from the date on which the student is notified to revise and resubmit and any fee rebate will be processed on resubmission.

Should you be entitled to a rebate, this will only take effect once we know the outcome of your dissertation.


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