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Marketing (BBusSc)

The Marketing special field has always drawn studentsbecause it is seen to be an area of study which leads to exciting andchallenging work both locally and overseas. Marketing has become recognised asbeing crucial to success in not only the private sector but also in many otherorganisations not traditionally regarded as being business enterprises. Indeed,given the massive changes taking place in our social, economic and politicalenvironment, the tasks of identifying and serving customers' needs, managingcommunications with its ever advancing technology and meeting managementobjectives through marketing strategy have never been more challenging.

The Marketing stream within Business Science is wellequipped to prepare students to be effective to meet these challenges.

Marketing begins with the customer, not with the productionprocess. Using scientific application of marketing research, the marketer is ina position to determine what target market to serve, which products or servicesto develop, design and package, how to price them, how best to make themavailable to their markets and what sort of pricing strategy to adopt. Themarketer must also select the appropriate communication techniques using themost efficient media to make the market aware of the company's offerings. Thisfundamental approach is used by marketers irrespective of the market in whichthey operate and this includes NGO's (not-for-profit organisations),informally-derived businesses as well as large corporations.

In order to achieve an understanding of the marketingprocess as well as to develop the skills required to implement marketingstrategy, students are initially given a broad overview which includeseconomics, behavioural science, law, mathematics and statistics; thereafter,the educational process focuses on specific marketing functions such asmarketing research, product selection, design and development, pricing policy,advertising and sales promotion, retailing, wholesaling and physicaldistribution and strategic marketing. The different forms of marketing alsoreceive attention, viz consumer, industrial, services, social and internationalmarketing. Classes are run by our team of academic staff well supported bymarketing practitioners who give willingly of their time. Study takes place inthe lecture room as well as in the field as students do practical projects anda dissertation.

The BBusSc Marketing Stream has been carefully structured todevelop the discipline of marketing out of a broad base of relevant andsupporting business courses.

The introductory Marketing I course is taught in the secondyear, after students have been given a grounding in economics, mathematics,statistics, behavioural sciences and information systems. The third and fourthyears are specialist years as far as marketing is concerned and consumerbehaviour, marketing communications, international marketing, industrialmarketing, marketing research are all covered. In addition, students areexpected to write a marketing paper or dissertation where they can showevidence of critical analysis when considering a marketing problem.

The increasing demand for marketing graduates who canimmediately apply their knowledge and skills in the work place and particularlythose who have a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of business, testifies tothe popularity of the marketing stream of the Business Science degree and thePostgraduate Diploma. Career prospects are not limited to those types ofcompanies traditionally associated with marketing, i.e. consumer goods sellers.Banks, insurance companies, retailers, the public sector and many otherorganisations are employing Marketing graduates on an increasingly greaterscale. In addition, with the emphasis today on small business, many graduatesfind great success in starting their own businesses.

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