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Computer Science (BBusSc)

At University the emphasis in Computer Science is on the principles underlying computing, including the structure and nature of the computer itself, the development and use of programming languages, as well as the application of the computer as a tool in problem solving.

Computing, when combined with Business Science, provides the student with an understanding of scientific management as well as the skills of a computer scientist which equips him/her for the consultancy profession. This course is an excellent combination of in-depth computer skills and management techniques. It allows the student to subsequently choose either a technical or managerial career.

Students in Computer Science should be precise and able to work out the solution to a problem in a logical manner. He/she also needs to be creative, resourceful and responsible. A good pass in Higher Grade Mathematics in Matriculation examination is required.

A wide variety of careers are open to graduates in Computer Science. Some examples include:

  • Systems Analyst/Designer, the link between the programmer and the user converting the users requirements into system designs;
  • Programmer, the conversion of system designs into a form understood by the computer. Application programmers are concerned more with business requirements, whereas technical programmers are concerned primarily with more complex tasks.
  • Technical specialists are experts in areas such as data communication networks, databases and operating systems.
  • Research and Development, both in the commercial and university worlds, is a rewarding experience for those that are academically minded.

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