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The Commerce Student Development & Support (CSDS) services are available to all students registered in the Faculty of Commerce.  CSDS is dedicated to student mental health and wellbeing and supports students holistically to improve academic success and prepare students for their future roles and careers.

Proactive developmental services  promote self-development and resilience.  This includes life skills semester courses such as Step up and Careers Discovery for first year students, Mentor programmes  - First year Mentor Programme (FMP), Senior Mentor Programme (SMP) and Alumni Mentor Programme (AMP)  - and Leadership development .

Student support services  are aimed at improving academic functioning , mental health and general wellness.  This includes academic support and counselling to students who are struggling academically or personally.  Limited counselling and psychotherapy (individual, couple and group) is offered free of charge to students.  Workshops related to mental health and wellness and academic functioning are available on request.

Staff consultation services are aimed at improving mental health awareness and assisting staff to support students appropriately.

Emergency services

Please note that CSDS does not offer an after hours or emergency service.
Students in distress should contact Student Wellness Services (SWS): Lerushda Cheddie (021 650 1017/1020) or email to make an appointment in an emergency.

Please also consider making use of the UCT Student Careline should you be placed on a waiting list or should you require emotional support prior to an appointment becoming available - 0800 24 25 26. This number can be accessed for free from a Telkom line. You can also sms 31393 for a call-me-back.

It offers 24/7 telephonic counselling, advice, referral facilities and general support to individuals facing any mental health challenges, or contemplating suicide. The line is also available to offer support and advice to anyone who is concerned about another person who might be in distress. They will also be able to advise and refer callers to both internal UCT resources and external (NGO, public and private) resources.

Counselling and psychotherapy

This short term service is offered free of charge to all students registered in the Faculty of Commerce.  Students need to make bookings themselves, appointments cannot be made on behalf of other students.

Please note:

  • that you cannot see a Commerce Student Development & Support (CSDS) therapist if you are seeing or have seen a psychologist before at Student Wellness Services, but should return to that psychologist. You can make an appointment with a psychologist at Student Wellness Services by contacting Lerushda Cheddie:   Tel 021 650 1017/1020
  • If this is an emergency or we are not able to accommodate you at the times that you are free, you will have to make an appointment at Student Wellness Services.

To book:

Students who wish to make an appointment with a therapist at Commerce Student Development & Support (CSDS) can make a booking by completing the online booking form on the CSDS website or go to the offices of the therapists in the Leslie Commerce Building.

Please book with :

  • Beulah or Susan if your problem is primarily psycho-social (personal).
  • Bonani if your problem is primarily academic or if you are facing academic exclusion.

If you have already seen a CSDS therapist, please make a booking with the same therapist. If the therapist is unavailable at a time which suits you, please email her.

If the therapist that you have seen before, is no longer working at CSDS, please book with one of the other therapists.

Please note that additional counselling services could be available at times on an ad hoc basis. The names of the psychologists will appear as an option for booking when available.

* If you are blocked from making a booking, please email Susan Joubert. If you have any queries, email one of the therapists.