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Non-credit bearing preliminary courses (to run 4 weeks prior to the start of the degree)

  • STA5089Z Basics of Mathematical Statistics (compulsory)               - 0 HEQF Credits
  • DOC5038Z Mathematical Computing Skills (compulsory)                 - 0 HEQF Credits

First Semester Courses

  • DOC5045F  Introduction to Finance and Derivatives I                       - 0 HEQF Credits
  • DOC5032F  South African Financial Markets  I                                 - 15 HEQF Credits
  • DOC5046F  Stochastic Calculus for Finance I                                   - 30 HEQF Credits
  • DOC5043F  Numerical Methods in Finance I                                     - 30 HEQF Credits

Second Semester  Courses

  • DOC5047S Stochastic Calculus for Finance II (compulsory)            - 30 HEQF Credits
  • DOC5048S Numerical Methods in Finance II (compulsory)              - 30 HEQF Credits
  • DOC5044S Risk Management of Financial Instruments                   - 15 HEQF Credits


  • DOC5005W Minor Dissertation (not exceeding ten thousand words)   - 60 HEQF Credits
Or elective(s) approved by the programme convenor.

The objective of the courses DOC5045F, STA5089Z and DOC5038Z is to harmonize knowledge of the fundamental tools in statistics, computational mathematics and finance needed to successfully follow the remainder of the programme. A full course (30 HEQF credits) typically consists of 48 contact hours. However, the specific organisation of each course will be adapted according to the learning needs.


To qualify for the degree‚ the student should achieve the following:

  • Pass or gain credit for the pre-courses, STA5089Z and DOC5038Z, and the co-requisite course, DOC5045F.
  • Pass courses totalling (at least) 150 credits (including the compulsory courses).
  • Pass the dissertation, which carries an additional 60 credits.
Readmission rules

Any candidate who fails any of the courses required for successful completion of the degree, during the first year of registration, will be allowed to repeat a maximum of two courses in the following academic year.
Courses may only be repeated once.
DOC5005W, DOC5045F, STA5089Z and DOC5038Z may not be repeated.

    Distinction rules

    The degree will be awarded with distinction if the candidate obtains a weighted average mark of at least 75% for the coursework component of the degree, and at least 75% for the dissertation.

    Further specific administrative requirements:

    In addition to completing the University application form, applicants must submit a Curriculum Vitae. Application for the following year must be made by 31 October.