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Selected topics in Population Studies

Postgraduate status. First semester. 1 x 2 hour seminar per week


Dr Ravai Marindo


As for admission to degree

Duly Performed Requirements      

Attendance and participation in seminars. Submission of essay.


Essay                                                   50%

Examination                June                 50%


Through a seminar series, presented by students and facilitated by a staff member, students will be exposed to a range of topics in population studies. Students will be graded by their contributions to the seminar, and through a general exam at the end of the term. The intention is for this course to be run as a seminar/reading course, with students preparing inputs for each week, presenting their work, and then opening up discussion in the class, facilitated by the lecturer. Detailed reading lists will be provided, showing readings which all students are expected to read before the seminar.

Course Outline

As per course handout (to be handed out at the first seminar).


 Teaching & Training

 MPhil Demography

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