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Teaching and Training :: MPhil in Demography :: DOC5001F

Basic Demography

Postgraduate status. First semester. 2 x 2 hour classes per week


A/Prof. Tom Moultrie


As for admission to degree

Duly Performed Requirements

Submission of all tutorials, with a subminimum of 40%

Writing of three tests


Tutorials                                                          30%

Examination                            June                 70%

Description and objectives 

This course offers a foundation in demographic methods and principles, including the elementary analysis of mortality, fertility and nuptiality. Emphasis is placed on application of knowledge gained in lectures to problems using regional data. On completion of the course, students will have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of demographic analysis, and be able to apply these techniques to a range of simple demographic problems.

Course outline


  1. Introduction to demography: Why do we study population. Definitions. Sources and uses of data

  2. Age and sex structures of population. Exposure to Risk; Basic Demographic rates and ratios

  3. Life Tables: Introduction, construction and use. Relations between lifetable quantities

  4. Life Tables: Extension to stationary population concepts (L, T, e)

  5. Direct and indirect standardisation

  6. Model Life tables and their uses

  7. Measures of fertility: period and cohort fertility rates

  8. Measures of nuptiality: Natural fertility; Coale-McNeill and Coale-Trussell methods

  9. Multiple decrement life tables

  10. Migration: Introduction

  11. Population projections: Introduction


 Teaching & Training

 MPhil Demography

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