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Postgraduate status. Duration of course of study.


None: Supervisor to be appointed in consultation with student


As for admission to degree

Duly Performed Requirements      



Dissertation                                                     100%

Description and objectives             

A thorough investigation, of between 15 and 20 000 words, that utilises demographic data sources to contribute to and enhance understanding of demographic processes.

 Students must finalise their proposals by the start of the second semester of study, and should start considering their likely field of research in the first few weeks of term.

 Students are expected to familiarise themselves with the rules for the award of Masters degrees as set out in Handbook 3 (General Rules and Policies), sections GM1 GM8 and GM11 GM12. In addition, students should pay heed to the further rules for the award of Masters degrees that pertain in the Faculty of Commerce (Rules FM1 FM10 inclusive in the Faculty Handbook).

 Teaching & Training

 MPhil Demography

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