Research Associates

Below is a list of the research associates that make up a large part of CITANDA


All permanent staff members of the Department of IS are automatically research associates of CITANDA, since it is the vehicle through which research in the department is conducted.

Associate Professor Irwin Brown (Section Head, IS Research)  is Director. The research interests of permanent staff members (as at 2010) are as follows:

Associate Professor Irwin Brown (website)
strategic IS planning; IS theory development; systems thinking in IS; IS effectiveness; end user technology adoption; global IT (cultural issues, national development, digital divide)

Dr Wallace Chigona (website)
community informatics; use of ICT as a tool for national development; and information accessibility for illiterate adults

Dr Eric Cloete (website)
computer architectures and software; information systems management; image processing; electronic commerce

Mr Mike Eccles (website)
teaching educationally disadvantaged students; object-oriented analysis and design; information systems controls and security; e-learning; education and IS

Professor Mike Hart (website)
strategic use of IS; key management issues in IS; perceptions of IS and the digital divide; data mining; knowledge management ; customer relationship management; contact centres

Mr Kevin Johnston (website)
ICT strategy and alignment; use of ICT in business; ICT management issues; OSS

Ms Salah Kabanda
requirements engineering, project management, networks and telecommunications

Associate Professor Michael Kyobe (website)
strategic IT planning; IT alignment; computer security and utilisation of IT to leverage knowledge management

Mr. Michael Pollock
Systems development, IS education, IT adoption

Ms Elsje Scott (website)
object-orientated programming and methodologies; efficient teaching methods for programming concepts; IS project management; with the specific focus on student group projects

Mr Kosheek Sewchurran (website)
problem structuring and sense making devices to support IS provision; strategic planning for IS technology implementations; IS project and program management; information and knowledge architectures. 

Dr Lisa Seymour (website)
Enterprise IS; education and IS

Professor Derek Smith (website)
information systems personnel management; project portfolio management; project teams

Mr Adrie Stander (website)
data communications; database design; human-computer interaction; culture and information systems

Associate Professor Jean-Paul van Belle (website)
adoption of information technologies; appropriate ICTs; e-commerce and m-commerce; conceptual foundations of IS; enterprise IS architectures; conceptual modeling

Doctoral Students

Graduated and current PhD students in the Department of IS are also automatically research associates of CITANDA. Please click here to see a list of past and present PhD students.

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