Activities to Date

During its brief period of active existence, CITANDA undertook a number of successful projects, funded from a variety of sources. Some of these projects, driven by the founder of CITANDA, Professor Paul Licker were:

  • nGOFORIT: This project, funded by UCT, established an ongoing panel of NGO informants on issues involving IT and NGO activities;
  • Extending the Benefits of e-Commerce: Funded by a grant from the Canadian NGO, the International Development Research Council (IDRC), the project looked at how e-Commerce could be construed as a means of improving business in Africa as well as models for development of effective use of e-Commerce specifically for Africa;
  • Transcultural Technology: Funded by the NRF, the study evaluated the contribution of cultural values to use and perception of electronic meeting systems by participants.
  • Several projects run by CITANDA for the IDRC in South Africa.

Since the beginning of 2004, under the guidance of Professor Dewald Roode, the Department of Information Systems has also been a partner of INDEHELA-Context, a Finland-South Africa-Nigeria-Mozambique research initiative funded by the Finish Academy of Science for the period 2004 - 2007. The INDEHELA-Context research proposal identified the Department of Information Systems at UCT, through CITANDA, as one of the partner institutions, with Prof Dewald Roode as the local project coordinator. A very active network of collaborating individuals from six different institutions has been established, representing the following institutions: The University of Cape Town, The Cape Peninsula University of Technology, The University of the Western Cape, The University of Pretoria, and The Medical Research Council of South Africa.

INDEHELA-Context focuses on the socio-economic impact, sustainability and affordability in information systems development in and for Africa. Several masters students, a large number of B Tech projects, and the research work of colleagues at the different institutions are contributing to the South African input to the INDEHELA project, and a number of joint publications and conference papers have already been produced. During August 2006 we hosted a meeting of all the international partners, and a postgraduate consortium was held in 2008. It is planned that CITANDA will continue to actively pursue such international research collaborations.

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