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Friday, 01 November 2013


Commerce students investigated an aspect of water‚ energy‚ waste and transport management practices as well as green building and landscape design at UCT‚ as part of their Professional Communication course.

External examiners such as Sandra Rippon‚ an independent environmental consultant‚ Hugh Tyrell‚ Director of Greenedge Consulting and Communication and Andre Theys from UCT’s Properties and Services Department attended the presentations and were thoroughly impressed with the students’ approach to and enthusiasm for their sustainability topics. Hugh Tyrrell‚ Director of Greenedge Consulting‚ Marketing and communications for sustainable business‚ said‚ "Thanks for an inspiring session – your students are good. You are doing amazing inspirational work there! "

An exchange student from the University of Stockholm added: "I have learned a lot from working with my partner on the research project that concerns the university mission and global character. I’m impressed by how much people try and put effort into making Cape Town and UCT a better place and more sustainable." (exchange student from University of Stockholm)

Story By : Carolyn McGibbon