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Suki Goodman receives SIOPSA Presidential Merit Award for Academic Excellence

Associate Professor Suki Goodman 

Associate Professor Suki Goodman was the 2017 recipient of the Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA) Presidential Merit Award for Academic Excellence. The overarching theme of the SIOPSA Presidential Merit Awards is to identify, recognise and reward members of the Society who have contributed positively and excelled in their areas of expertise within the IOP profession. The award was presented at the gala dinner on 26th July at the Society’s annual conference. Suki received the award for her dedication to institutional transformation in industrial and organisational psychology.

Kanshukan Rajaratnam, the Deputy Dean of Transformation in the Faculty, praised A/Prof. Goodman on her efforts both in her discipline and her work at the Faculty, “Suki Goodman’s award is an indication of her dedication to society’s transformation. She currently curates the Commerce Education Group, which in 2017, is focussed on curriculum transformation. We are proud of Suki and this national recognition for her work. We hope to see more of this as she takes on a senior leadership role in her department.”

Additionally at the conference, the Section of Organisational Psychology facilitated a round table discussion entitled, Talking about what a decolonised Industrial/ Organisational (IO) Psychology university curriculum could look like?

The Section was represented at the conference by Suki along with her colleagues Prof Jeffrey Bagraim. Dr Ameeta Jaga, Associate Professor Ines Meyer and Mr Simba Tevera. The round table discussion was set up to involve the IO Psychology community in questions around how to respond to calls for decolonising the curricula.

The Section of Organisational Psychology at UCT are attempting to proactively respond to these calls for curriculum change by reflecting on and challenging academics to think about what is taught, how material is taught and for what purpose. The aim of the round table discussion was to open up opportunities for conference attendees and SIOPSA members to share their thoughts and engage with and critique the panellists.

The call for decolonisation has implications for the kinds of graduates and professionals that universities’ produce and the nature of the work done at these institutions. The Section used the conference platform to generate debate and encourage conversation.

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