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Guest lecture by international expert

 “Testing across culture and ethnicity: Trends and issues”,

by Prof Marise Ph. Born (Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Prof Born

On the 3rd of April, UCT students and staff had the privilege of a guest lecture by Prof Marise Ph. Born (Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands), an international expert in personnel selection and assessment (see speaker bio, below).

Organisational psychologists worldwide face unique issues when they test applicants drawn from multiple cultural and ethnic groups. So, Professor Born shared her insights on recent developments on this topic. She is uniquely positioned to do this as a past president of the International Test Commission (2008-2010) and member of the task force of ISO 10667, a world-wide ISO Standard on assessment of people for work-related purposes (launched in 2010). Professor Born’s talk focused on international guidelines for assessment (ISO 10667 and ITC guidelines), and on measuring individual differences across cultures and ethnicities.

Her talk was structured into a discussion about factors related to the assessment device (the need for cognitive pretesting, contextualization of tests, and the usability of tests across cultures), the assessee (response style factors), and the assessor (assuming characteristics of assessees), with illustrations coming from several of her studies done with colleagues.


Watch the lecture

Please download the slides for the presentation at: If you are a UCT student or staff member, please contact and request the hyperlink for the videotaped Skype lecture.

(Note: The slides were provided by the presenter for personal use of UCT staff and students, and should not be redistributed without permission of the presenter.)

More about the speaker

 Prof (Dr.) Marise Born is Professor of Personnel Psychology and Chair of Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands. She is also Extraordinary Professor of Work and Personnel Psychology in the domain of ethnicity, Free University Amsterdam (Bijzonder Hoogleraar Arbeids en Personeelspsychologie in het bijzonder gericht op allochtoon-etnische groepen). She has published her work in the eminent I-O Psychology journals, including Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Human Performance, International Journal of Selection and Assessment, and others. At the same time, she serves on the editorial board of various journals. She has also co-authored chapters in both the Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology and The Blackwell Handbook of Personnel Selection.

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