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Doctorate in Organisational Psychology



The Section of Organisational Psychology offers a PhD by dissertation only.  We do not offer a PhD by coursework and dissertation.


In order to be accepted as a PhD candidate you have to hold a Masters&rsqup; degree‚ preferably in Organisational or Industrial Psychology or Human Resource Management‚ which includes a minimum of 50% research.

Other requirements

The main requirement of a PhD is that the candidate adds new academic knowledge to the field of Organisational Psychology or Human Resource Management.   Producing a manuscript describing your work or consultation efforts does not fulfil this requirement and would not be accepted as a proposal.   Also note that the University requires ethical clearance for all data collected for research purposes.   Therefore, existing data collected outside the ethical rules of UCT cannot be used for a PhD.

The University of Cape Town is a residential university.  The Section may require you to spend 6-12 months on campus during your first year of registration.  During this time you will be supervised closely to prepare a proposal that would be acceptable to the various university committees.

We may also require you to do additional courses in Organisational Psychology, research design or statistics.


You can apply throughout the year for PhD studies.

In order to apply‚ you should forward a short CV (not more than 2 pages) stating your contact details‚ academic qualifications‚ an electronic copy of your Masters dissertation‚ your academic transcript and a brief proposal outlining the research you would like to conduct. These documents should be forwarded to the Head of Section‚ A/Prof Ines Meyer .

The Head of Section will then check that you fulfil the necessary prerequisites and requirements, and if so, forward your documents to suitable supervisors who share your area of interest.   Please note that there may not always be a suitable supervisor at UCT, in which case a recommendation about a supervisor outside UCT will be made.

Financial assistance

Limited financial support is available in the form of scholarships, bursaries and student loans. Please contact the Postgraduate Funding Office for more information (  International students should note that funding is limited and are advised to apply for sponsorship in their own countries.

Student housing

Should you want to know about student housing at Cape Town University, please contact