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Terri Grant (PhD‚ Head of PCU).

Terri Grant is an associate professor and head of the PCU. Her PhD dissertation‚ Scenario Pedagogy‚ a negotiated‚ multimodal approach to developing professional communication practices in higher education‚ combines her dual interest in academic and workplace communication practices. See:

Areas of Interest

Scenario Learning and Pedagogy: a multimodal approach to meaning making and developing professional communication practices (PhD focus area)Collaborative, experiential pedagogiesEthics and sustainable business practicesWriting across the curriculum (WAC): the integrated collaborative assignment (PG Dip BIC/PCU initiative)Teacher-Learner Immediacy TheoryInnovative HE curriculum designVisual literacy, graphics, electronic and Web communications, page readability/Web usabilityBusiness communication and the global economyIntercultural communication and gender issues in the classroomA Communication Needs Analysis in SA Industry (2001 - 2003) (Masters)