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The Professional Communication Unit (PCU) joined the Schoolof Management Studies in 2004 and is located in the Leslie Commerce Building onthe upper campus.

Introduction to PCU

Over three decades ago (1975) the PCU originated in the Commerce faculty with the aim of preparing students for the communicative demands of their professions. Not only has the faculty grown faster than any other at UCT, now comprising a third of the student body but the communicative demands on the business professional have grown exponentially too. In order to keep up with these demands, Terri Grant, one of the original team of founder members of the PCU and Course Convenor for all Commerce and Computer Science Communication programmes, convenes a host of short and core courses to both under- and post-graduate Commerce and Science students. Core courses in communication form part of the following degrees and diplomas:

  1. Degree of Bachelor of Business Science Actuarial ScienceHonours Programme (BUS4034S)
  2. Degree of Bachelor of Business Science Management StudiesProgramme, 4 and 5 year programmes (e.g. Finance, non-CA stream; ComputerScience; Information Systems; Marketing; Economics; Organisational Psychology;Quantitative Finance and Quantitative Management.) (BUS2033F / BUS2033S)
  3. Degree of Bachelor of Commerce Management Studies Programme (BUS2033F / BUS2033S)
  4. Degree of Bachelor of Commerce Information SystemsProgramme,  3 and 4 year programmes (BUS2033F / BUS2033S)
  5. Bachelor of Commerce Actuarial Science Programme (BUS2033S) – elective
  6. Bachelor of Commerce Economics and Finance Programme (BUS2033F) – elective
  7. Bachelor of Commerce Programme Economics and StatisticsProgramme (BUS2033F) – elective
  8. Post-graduate Diploma in Management (Actuarial Conversion Course) (BUS4034S)
  9. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management (Entrepreneurship) ‚ Marketing‚ Tourism and Events and Sport  (BUS4092H) Business Communication and CareerDevelopment is offered as various modules throughout the year.
  10. Professional Communication (Sustainability Scenario) (BUS2035S). This programme is offered to senior students and students from other faculties (with permission).
  11. Professional communication modules in Honours/Masters programmes in Commerce, Science and Humanities such as Information Systems,Computer Science and Archaeology.

Short Courses offered at the Graduate School of Business(GSB)

  • PGBA: This postgraduate diploma in business administrationis offered by the GSB. Management communication is one of the many business-related modules offered.
  • M Com in Trade Law and Economics: Courses in written communication‚ academic writing and research methodologies form part of the modular Masters programme.

The services of the Unit are also available to:

UCT staff, professional firms, commercial and industrial organisations and community and service organisations. Contact us so we can tell you how we customise course material to align with your corporate requirements and objectives. We use in-house examples so that all exercise material and discussion remain meaningful and relevant. See links to Consultancy Services and How We Teach under Courses for more details.