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We may have some input lectures but generally teach in workshops or small tutorial groups, offering courses designed to meet the specific needs of each group of participants:

  • with maximum participation
  • with hands-on experience
  • in a supportive learning environment
  • by giving individual feedback (face to face and online)
  • by recording certain presentations on video
  • using electronic resources such as podcasts and blogs

Our approach enables participants to:

  • listen actively
  • analyse audience needs
  • formulate precise objectives
  • sift and select appropriate and relevant information
  • plan and structure data coherently
  • convey information accurately and persuasively (visually and verbally)
  • identify and improve ineffective behaviours
  • reflect on values and beliefs
  • network effectively
  • gain confidence

Develop presentation skills such as:

  • physical poise
  • clarity and variety of verbal and vocal cues
  • handling of visual material and other multimodal resources