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Areas of interest:

  • Socially situated literacy
  • Scenario learning teaching practice
  • Applied language: Business and professional communication
  • Developing academic literacy and writing practices for students
  • Problem-solving, creativity in small group work and meetings management
  • Intercultural communication and transformation in education
  • English as a third/second language

Refereed Journal Articles:

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Conference proceedings:

Nodoba‚ G.‚ Hendry‚ S.‚ Kalil‚ C.A.‚ Monson‚ J. and Grant‚T.-.L. 2011. Building Principles of Sustainable Business into Entrepreneurial Ventures: A Pedagogical Approach from the University of Cape Town. Edited by Nick Beute. Proceedings of 4th International Conference of Engineering and Business Education and 1st SAFRI Journey to Excellence Conference‚ 20-23 November 2011‚ Cape Town‚1‚ 209 – 217. Cape Town: Cape Peninsula University of Technology‚ Cape Town‚ South Africa. 978-0-620-52121-5.

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Kalil, C. 2009. Learning the ‘word’ and ‘the world’:Developing academic writing and literacy in Information Systems Honours students at the University of Cape Town using enquiry-based learning embedded in a “context-rich” institutional scenario. SACLA National Conference. Short paper and presentation. East London 29 June-1 July.

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2009. Using Scenario Learning to enhance communicative competence in students. Teaching and Learning Symposium. Presentation. CapeTown 8 September.

Appraisal reports:

Kalil, C. 2009. Moderator’s Report. Business Communication Papers. TSiBA Education.

External Examiner/Moderator:

Actuarial Society of South Africa A302 examination, 2010 to date

TSiBA Education (Business Communication) 2009