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18 NQF credits at level 8

This course is convened by the Applied Management division.

Course entry requirements: This course may be taken only by students who are registered for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sport and Tourism Management in the School of Management Studies. It is closely aligned to the core curriculum of particular courses such as Business in Context.

Course outline:

This course will provide students with a range of practices that can be used for the purposes of career and professional development. Students will be required to participate in a series of workshops. Students will learn about communication, teamwork, motivation and personal development and will be required to engage in final year planning, a job search and preparation for the first job in collaboration with Careers Development Programme.

DP requirements:

Coursework: A subminimum of 40% must be obtained.

Final examination: A subminimum of 40% must be obtained with an overall pass mark of 50%.

Attendance at all sessions.


Oral module and oral examination                      50%

Written module and written examination             50%

Last updated : 08 Nov 2018

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