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The study of marketing is a deeply entrenched aspect of Management Studies with a rich scholarly history. It is probably appropriate to say that marketing means different things to different people. For some marketing is mostly associated with the understanding of markets and how individuals and corporations make purchasing decisions, while for others marketing might be a fundamentally creative endeavour. Irrespective of one’s point of view, it is known that marketing sits at the core of almost any business activity. Marketing is therefore fundamental to our understanding of management and a growing body of knowledge has demonstrated its association with to superior business performance.

Because marketing can be seen as a human technology it is often thought off in an applied context. However, marketing also has deeply scientific and analytical dimensions with theoretical roots in economics, psychology, and sociology. It is therefore probably more accurate to describe marketing is both an art and a science.

It is against this background that the marketing section aims to advance the field by engaging in educational and research activities. Our teaching and learning strives to balance applied and scholarly approaches to optimally prepare students for a demanding and complex work environment. “Thinking graduates” is therefore our primary objective. In turn, our research strives to balance the demands of local and global contexts as we seek to contribute with a distinctly African voice. Moreover, the section promotes the integration of our educational and knowledge generating capabilities to impact the societies in which we living in a socially just and sustainable manner.

Achieving these objectives is never going to be an easy task and therefore the section acknowledges the immense potential for contribution to our thinking and to the appropriateness of our solutions that can come from collaboration with other scientific fields. Hence, we strive to nurture an open and engaging organizational culture. Welcome to marketing and do not hesitate to engage any of us.

Why study Marketing

The Marketing field attracts students because it is seen to be an area of study which leads to exciting and challenging work both locally and overseas. Marketing has become recognised as being crucial to success in not only the private sector but also in many other organisations not traditionally regarded as being business enterprises. Given the massive changes taking place in our social, economic and political environment, the tasks of identifying and serving customers’ needs, managing communications with ever-advancing technology and meeting management objectives through marketing strategy have never been more challenging.

The increasing demand for marketing graduates who can apply their knowledge and skills in the workplace and in particular those who have a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of business, testifies to the popularity of the Marketing specialisation of the BBusSc degree and the Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Marketing. Career prospects are not limited to those types of companies traditionally associated with marketing, i.e. consumer goods sellers; banks, insurance companies, retailers, market research houses, the public sector and many other organisations are employing Marketing graduates on an increasingly greater scale. In addition, with the emphasis today on small business, many graduates find great success in starting their own businesses.