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The aim of this diploma is to provide specialised academic and professional studies in the marketing of goods, services, and ideas in the industrial, commercial and public sectors of the South African economy.

As with the other postgraduate diplomas in Management‚ the first half of the year concentrates mainly on general business courses(finance‚ business basics‚ marketing)‚ with a focus in the second half of the year on the area of specific study‚ in this case‚ marketing. Many aspects of marketing are studied on the diploma in order to provide graduates with comprehensive knowledge, and students are required to register for courses in Marketing Research‚ Consumer Behaviour‚ Industrial & International Marketing‚ Strategic Management‚ Promotion and Advertising Management‚ Information Technology in Marketing and Retail Management and Services Marketing.

Because of the nature and scope of the course, job opportunities are many, both locally and overseas. Marketing related posts are available in both public and private sectors, and positions include advertising, retailing, marketing research, public relations, sales and general management.

This diploma attracts students from all over South Africa and is available to all university graduates with degrees other than a Bachelor of Business Science. The course is extremely popular, so early application and a solid academic record is an advantage.

Candidates also attend a course in communications and career development and have full access to the Career Development Programme at UCT.