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We offer a dissertation-only masters degree in either business science (MBusSci) or commerce (MCom). Entry is competitive, and applicants are required to have an honours degree or NQF 8 equivalent qualification. We also consider students from related fields with marketing appropriate research topics. However, all applicants should preferably have done a marketing research or business research course (4th year or honours). We have two rounds of masters applications during the year:

The first round of students start in February, and the deadline for their applications is the end of October the previous year. The second round of students start in July, and the deadline for their applications is at the end of May. The duration of this degree is typically between 1 and 2 years.

A research-based masters allows students to :

  1. Gain in-depth knowledge about a particular topic or area in marketing,
  2. Have flexibility around the deadlines for completion,
  3. Work closely with an expert in the area under investigation and
  4. Allows students to remain active in the industry while completing their masters as there is no coursework. Most importantly, it distinguishes students from other Marketing graduates. UCT Marketing post-graduate students are also encouraged to attend local and international conferences, and work towards publishing their research in accredited journals.