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18 NQF credits at HEQSF level 7 

Convener: P Pillay

Course entry requirements: BUS2010F/S 

Course outline: 

The course provides an opportunity for an in-depth study of Consumer Behaviour.  The course is designed to focus on understanding how and why consumers make the decisions which they do when confronted with a buying decision.  It attempts to use this information in guiding marketers to better design appropriate marketing strategies.  While the course recognises the universality of consumer decision making, it puts this in a South African context.  

DP requirements: Attendance is compulsory for all tutorials. Students must obtain at least 50% for all class work (projects, assignments and tests) to be allowed to write examination. All the class work assessments must be completed. 

Assessment: Coursework (projects, assignments and tests) 50%, Final examination 50%

Last updated : 20 Nov 2018

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