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36 NQF credits at HEQSF level 7 

Convener: S Dlamini 

Course entry requirements: STA2020F/S; BUS2010F/S; ECO2003F and ECO2004S (or can be taken concurrently); MAM1002W OR MAM1010F and MAM1012S OR MAM1110F and MAM1112SCo-requisites: BUS3041F; BUS3043S; STA3022F 

Course outline: 

The course aims to give students an in depth and practical understanding of Research in Marketing and prepare students for further commercial and scholarly research. It covers the stages of the research process including formulation of the problem, research design, data collection methods and forms, sample design, analysis and interpretation of data and report writing. A practical project will run concurrently with the lectures. Specific applications of Marketing Research are also covered. DP requirements: Minimum aggregate class work mark of 50%. Completion of all required project assignments. Attendance is compulsory for all tutorials.

Assessment: Coursework (tutorials, group project and semester test) 70%, Final examination 30%.  Sub-minimum of 45% in final examination to the course

Last updated : 20 Nov 2018

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