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0 credits if taken as part of a Postgraduate Diploma in Management offered by the School of Management Studies 

18 NQF credits at HEQSF level 6 

Convener: TBA 

Course entry requirements: ECO1010F and ECO1011S OR ECO1011F/H and ECO1111F OR BUS1036F/S (or BUS1010F/S), or by permission of the Head of Section. 

Objective: To give an overview of the Marketing Process considering current trends in the South African context. The course will stress the importance of the Marketing Concept, Target Marketing and the Marketing Mix as a means of formulating a Marketing Strategy with the view to achieving the strategic objectives of an organisation. 

Course outline: 

The marketing concept, the marketing environment, consumer markets and industrial markets, buyer behaviour, marketing research, the use and importance of differentiation, market segmentation and target marketing, the marketing mix, product policy, pricing policy, distribution policy, promotion policy, marketing strategy, marketing organisation and implementation, measurement and control of marketing effectiveness including the marketing audit. 

DP requirements: 40% class mark and the completion of all required assignments. Attendance of 80% of all tutorials is required. 

Assessment: Essays, case studies, project and test 50%; June / October examinations (2 hours) 50%

Last updated : 20 Nov 2018

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