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Ms. Joanna Legutko Head of Section

+27 (0)21 650 2148
5.40, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Retirement, Social Security, Happiness.

Dr. Sure Mataramvura Senior Lecturer

+27 (0)21 650 4705
5.36, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Financial Mathematics; Stochastic Calculus; Game Theory, Stochastic Control, Optimal Stopping, Risk Theory.

Dr. Erich Maritz Senior Lecturer

021 650 2388
5.32, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Yield Curves, Stochastic Asset Models, Asset-Liability Management, Portfolio Construction

Mrs. Landi du Toit Lecturer

+27 (0)21 650 5156
5.32.1, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Vocational Rehabilitation as part of Disability Income claims management; Return to Work success factors.

Ms. Shivani Ranchod Senior Lecturer

Additional Information :
Healthcare financing; Hospital applications of operations research; Healthcare quality measurement; Risk-adjustment mechanisms in healthcare.

Mr. Dave Strugnell Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Additional Information :
Asset pricing; Behavioural finance; Experimental economics; Decision making under risk and uncertainty.

Mr. Pieter Botha Lecturer

021 650 5180
5.34.1 , Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Healthcare financing, policies and regulation, benefit design, TCF, etc.

Assoc Prof Daniel Polakow Adjunct Associate Professor

Additional Information :
Financial derivatives; Investment and hedging strategies; Alternative investments, Risk and Risk-budgeting; Stochastic recurrence models; Biostatistics.

Mr. Logan Standaar Lecturer

021 650 2397
5.32, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Life insurance; African markets; Financial reporting.