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Bachelor of Commerce (Overview)


The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree is a three-year degree consisting of courses in (roughly) the following categories:

  • Core courses in Bachelor of Commerce
  • Ancillary and related courses
  • Courses specifically geared towards a special field
For the special field of Actuarial Science, the courses in the last category above, are designed specifically to correspond to parts of the Joint Examinations of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.
(Other special fields include Finance, Economics, Marketing, Information Systems, Law etc. These are not discussed here. For more information, please see the Faculty of Commerce page.)

Please see "Exemptions from Professional Examinations"  for the university courses that correspond to Subjects in the Joint Examinations.


The Actuarial Science Section is responsible for the following two streams of special fields for students registered for the BBusSc degree:

The curriculum for the first two years of study for both streams above are similar. In the third year of study, students are required to choose one of the above.

Undergraduate Student Advisors:
Coetzee Marais:
Landi du Toit:
Logan Standaar: