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ABI     Association of British Insurers

AIDS     Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

ARC    AIDS related condition

AVC     Additional voluntary contribution

BLAGAB     Basic life assurance and general annuity business

CPA     Compulsory purchase annuity

DSF     Direct sales force

DSS     Department of Social Security

DTI     Department of Trade and Industry

FIMBRA     A SRO (see also PIA)

FSA     Financial Services Act

FSAVC     Free-standing AVC

GGB     Guaranteed growth bond

GIB     Guaranteed income bond

HIV     Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

IB     Industrial business

ICA82     Insurance Companies Act 1982

ICR81     Insurance Companies Regulations 1981 (now superseded)

ICR94     Insurance Companies Regulations 1994

IFA     Independent financial adviser

IRR     Internal rate of return

LAUTRO     Life assurance and unit trust regulatory organisation(an SRO, see also PIA)

MCA     Maximum commissions agreement. (Now defunct).