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Postgraduate, one three-hour seminar per week for duration of the course.


Mr A. Addae


Suitable undergraduate degree together with Subjects CT1-CT8 of the Joint Examinations of the Institute and the Faculty of Actuaries.

Course Outline

The aim is to prepare students for a career specialising in finance and investment. In this context, the course would cover taxation, financial statements, industry classification and investment indices, fundamental share analysis, specialist asset classes including derivatives. It would also cover the wider issues of the theory of finance and the practical issues of regulation of financial services, applications of the legislative and regulatory framework, environmental influences and overall risk control. Actuarial techniques will be studied for portfolio management and performance measurement.


  • Examination 1 x 3 hours 50%
  • Class tests and tutorials 50%

DP requirements

  • 45% average over all class tests and tutorials.
  • Supplementary examinations will not be awarded for this course.

Last updated : 11 Aug 2014

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