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Postgraduate, one three-hour seminar per week for duration of the course.
Dr S Kendal
Suitable undergraduate degree together with Subjects CT1-CT8 of the Joint Examinations of the Institute and the Faculty of Actuaries.
Course Outline
Roles of the various parties involved in pensions provision; the South African legal framework for pensions provision compared with alternatives; reporting & accounting standards and professional guidance for actuaries in respect of pension provision; methods of financing pension benefits and the associated investment choices in South Africa; design of pensions benefits and contributions with special reference to AIDS and the security of such benefits; mergers & acquisitions of retirement funds; valuation of open defined benefit pension schemes; calculation of benefit rights & expectations and the availability of assets on discontinuance of retirement funds; determining appropriate assumptions for calculating values; choosing & monitoring investments; asset-liability modelling; re-insurance; sources & analysis of surplus.
Examination (1 x 3 hours) counts for 100%.
DP requirements
Satisfactory participation in tutorials.
Supplementary examinations will not be awarded for this course.

Last updated : 25 Jun 2014

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