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This course is intended for students doing Quantitative Finance.  Supplementary examinations will not be awarded for this course.

27 NQF credits at HEQSF level 8 

Convener: J Legutko 

Course entry requirements: BUS2016H, FTX3044F (60%), FTX3045S (60%); STA3041F, STA3043S, STA3045F, BUS4028F (40%). 

Course outline: 

The aim of this subject is to instil in successful candidates an understanding of the investment environment and the principles and objectives of investment management. It will also give the candidates mastery of some of the techniques of asset valuation. It comprises the following topics: Professionalism, external environment, regulations, stakeholders, providers of benefits, cash flows, money market instruments, bonds, equities, property, futures and options, overseas investments, collective investment vehicles, principle economic influences on investment markets, major investments indices, asset modelling, valuation techniques for inpidual investments and portfolios, asset/liability management. 

DP requirements: Completion and timeous submission of tutorial exercises. Sitting all class tests. An overall average of 40% for class work. 

Assessment: Tutorials 8%, Tests 32%, End of year examination (1 x 3 hours) 60%

Last updated : 20 Nov 2018

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