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Course convener: Dr T Grant
Course entry requirements: 
BUS2016H Actuarial Science I: Financial Mathematics, BUS3018F
Actuarial Science II: Models and STA3041F Markov Processes & Time Series.
BUS3024S Actuarial Science II: Contingencies, STA3043S Decision Theory & GLM, STA3045F
Advanced Stochastic Processes, BUS4028F Actuarial Science III: Financial Economics.
Course outline:
Theory: Formats, style, vocabulary, organisation patterns and readability for oral and written
messages, Individual and group presentation techniques.
Application: Letter writing (with a focus on communicating Actuarial Science topics to various nonspecialist
audiences), report writing, proposal writing, email, integration of graphic and visual
materials, and group oral presentations.
DP requirements: Completion, on time, of all assignments and oral presentations; attendance at all
lectures cum workshops.
PCU component: classwork counts for 40%; examinations (group oral presentation to a panel of
examiners; a 3-hour written examination [Paper 1]), together make up the remaining 60%.
Students must achieve 40% for each examination with an average of 50%.
In addition there is a 3-hour written examination (Paper 2) for the purpose of professional exemption
The final BUS4034S mark will be weighted as follows: PCU component: 70%; (A302) (Paper 2):
No supplementary examinations are awarded for this course.

Last updated : 25 Jun 2014

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