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No supplementary examinations are awarded for this course. 

18 NQF credits at HEQSF level 6 

Convener: S Mataramvura 

Course entry requirements: ACC1006F/S and ACC2011S (60% average); or ACC1106F and ACC2111S (60% average); ECO1010F/S and ECO1011S (60% average); or ECO1110H/F and ECO1111F (60% average); STA1006S (70%); MAM1000W (70%); or MAM1005F/H and MAM1006S/H (70% average).  Alternatively, [STA2004F and STA2005S (60% average); MAM2000W (60%)] 

Course outline:  The course aims to provide a grounding in financial mathematics and simple applications with respect to non-random cash flows. Lectures and tutorials will cover aspects of cash flow models for financial transactions, compound interest and discounting, present values and accumulations of streams of payments, nominal and effective rates, equations of value, loan schedules, project appraisal techniques, compound interest problems and index linked securities, income and capital gains tax on fixed interest securities, arbitrage pricing and forward contracts, basic types of assets, pricing methods and the term structure of interest rates. 

DP requirements: At least 40% for coursework, 80% total tutorial attendance. 

Assessment: Tutorials (groupwork) 10%; Tests 30%; Examination 60%; Note: No supplementary examinations are awarded for this course

Last updated : 20 Nov 2018

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