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The Actuarial Science section is primarily concerned with teaching actuarial courses to students hoping to qualify as actuaries and with research into a wide range of actuarially related fields. Some students combine actuarial courses with finance courses in order to focus on quantitative finance.

We have an introduction pamphlet designed for matriculants which you can download.

The section typically is responsible for teaching some 400 undergraduates, 75 honours and 20 postgraduate students each year. The Actuarial section has a very proud record of success in the professional examinations.

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Doves, dragons and diplomats – ‘avatars’ for a new dean
19 October, 2018

There are many guide books for new academic deans and, as an award-winning teacher and researcher, Associate Professor Linda Ronnie did her homework when she applied for the job as the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Dean of Commerce.

It was Allan Tucker and Robert A Bryant’s book The Academic Dean: Dove, Dragon and Diplomat that she singled out, the trio of “avatars” suggesting just how adaptive deans must be as managers, especially in crisis.“I know which I’m likely to be,” Ronnie quipped.Those who know her will recognise the forthrightness and self-effacing humour.

Ronnie is the first Dean of Commerce among the last four incumbents who is not an economist or accountant. She brings a background in organisational psychology and human behaviour in management and education, along with a wealth of institutional knowledge after more than 15 years at the Graduate School of Business.

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Commerce Researchers captivate in TED-style talks
05 October, 2018

Six dynamic researchers have reflected the diversity of the university’s Faculty of Commerce in Ted-style talks. They revealed their newly published research to an audience of alumni, staff and students in the Commerce Alumni Lecture Series 2018.

The researchers were challenged to unpack their research in an accessible way within 15-minute time slots.

Acting Deputy Dean: Research, Dr Sure Mataramvura, said the series aimed to stimulate research and showcase the work of the faculty. A thread of engaged research and transformation wove through all six presentations.

The series was prompted by a member of UCT’s Cape Town Alumni Chapter, Laurence Gawronsky (BBusSc, 1979), who was keen to hear more about the work of his alma mater.

“There is excellent work being done in the faculty, but it’s a bit of a secret. This is a way for alumni to be more actively engaged in the life of the university,” said Gawronsky.

First up to deliver her 15-minute lecture was Associate Professor Ines Meyer. Drawing on her work in Organisational Psychology, Meyer reflected on the changing nature of work.

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Food for Inclusion
31 August, 2018

In August, Nikki Cavernelis, an Administrative Officer in Actuarial Science, travelled to Canada to present her paper “Food for Inclusion” at the 11th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) conference at the University of Montreal.

Drawing on the School of Management Studies as a case study, she put forward the argument that food can create opportunities for building inclusive and sustainable relationships in the workplace.

In this way, food can serve as a “tool” for social transformation and minimize some of the discomfort, unease and inequality associated with diversity.

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