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Registration will take place on the 3rd of February in LS2A (Leslie Social Science Building) as follows:

  • Marketing and Sport Management students at 09h00 sharp
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Communication students at 10h00 sharp.

Please arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time so that we can start promptly. Please do not arrive late for registration; we run it in a different way to undergraduate registration in order to alleviate queueing. Unfortunately the Faculty Office will charge a heavy penalty to students who register late.

If you know now you have a problem with the 3rd of February, please inform The Faculty Office urgently so that we can make arrangements to register you later. If you did not complete your undergraduate degree at UCT, you will also need to bring along a certified copy of your ID or passport that you can submit along with your registration and curriculum forms at registration.

At 13h30 on the same day, you will all need to attend a lecture on the Diploma philosophy and structure and have some important aspects of the programme explained to you.


If you are excited by the dynamic career opportunities offered in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sports Management or Tourism & Events, and you want to spend an exhilarating year with us at UCT, apply online via the UCT admissions website.