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| Commerce Postgraduate Diplomas in Management brochure

For many years the Postgraduate Diplomas in Management have provided an exciting alternative postgraduate management education.

The diplomas have been designed in order to provide graduates from any discipline, including Commerce, with a challenging and exciting qualification in the key areas of management. For many years, the diplomas have enabled students to compete successfully for mainstream roles in organisations both locally and abroad. Many of our graduates are also successfully running their own firms. Students with undergraduate degrees in, amongst others, Science, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine and Architecture have found that these diplomas have added significantly to their education.

The Postgraduate Diplomas in Management are currently offered in three specialisations: in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sport Management, and from 2017, we will be adding a new specialisation in Business Communication. The diplomas run as full-time residential programmes from February to November each year on upper campus at UCT. The programmes are accredited at NQF Level 8 – the same level as an Honours degree. The diplomas are very different to an Honours degree in that they provide students with abroad platform; they enable a move into a different postgraduate discipline, however Honours degrees tend to build on the same specialisation as the undergraduate degree, so they take a student deeper into a particular discipline. The diplomas also have more of an applied focus; the curriculum offers both a theoretical framework as well as practical application of the theory.

The diplomas have been developed on the general assumption that qualifying students are able to think for themselves,critically analyse and apply information and show initiative and creativity in solving problems. They provide students with a general introduction to and overview of certain critical areas of organisations through three core courses: Organisation and Management, Effective People Practices, and Business Research and Communication. Students who have not already completed equivalent introductory courses in Marketing and/or Finance are required to complete those courses as co-requisites whilst completing the credit-bearing curriculum. The remainder of the 180 credit curriculum consists of courses in the area of specialisation, as well as an opportunity to take two elective courses in the area of interest (subject to availability and demand).

The curriculum in all four diplomas focuses closely on current practices, future trends and best methods in management and the chosen area of specialisation. The course content is continuously evaluated and updated in order to provide students with relevant and appropriate information. Convened and administered by a dedicated specialist in each subject, the diplomas are an intensively taught insight into functional areas in an organisation that make extensive use of relevant case studies, guest lectures, group projects and interactive learning methods.

Applications for all four diploma programmes close on 30 November 2019. To apply online click here.

We offer the following Postgraduate Diplomas as residential, full-time programmes: