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Course CodeCourse TitleView Info
BUS1004F Introduction to Strategy And MarketingView Info
BUS1036 F SEvidence-Based ManagementView Info
BUS3038SIntroduction to Project ManagementView Info
BUS3095SSocial Impact EnterpriseView Info
BUS4035FIntroduction to Sport ManagementView Info
BUS4039SSport Management in PracticeView Info
BUS4040SScience of SportView Info
BUS4041SSport Administration and BusinessView Info
BUS4049WGenesis Project/Organisational ProjectView Info
BUS4050W Strategic ThinkingView Info
BUS4075SManagement Theory in PracticeView Info
BUS4078FEntrepreneurial StrategiesView Info
BUS4090FCreativity in BusinessView Info
BUS4091FOrganisation and ManagementView Info
BUS4092HBusiness Research and CommunicationView Info