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NQF credits: 18 at HEQSF level 8
Convener TBA
Course Entry requirement: Registration for a Postgraduate Diploma in Management offered by
the School of Management Studies
Course outline: This course covers the key elements of successful Event management and focusses
on core theories, best practice and strategic management application in sporting and other events.
Additionally, students will develop both the practical skills and knowledge to meet global
professional standards in the organisation and execution of events from start to finish.
Events Management examines the fundamentals of managing an event of any size. Students will
learn about strategic alignment of events, and the optimal designing, administering and marketing of
events. Topics include bidding of events, project management, financial management, design and
décor, event greening, risk management, and marketing and sponsorship.
DP requirements: A coursework mark of 40% or above. Students attend all tutorials and exercises
as indicated in the course outline to be distributed at the beginning of the course. 

Last updated : 16 Apr 2015

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