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NQF credits: 18 at HEQSF level 8
Convener TBA
Course entry requirements Registration for one of the Postgraduate Diplomas in
Management offered by the School of Management Studies
Co-requisites: BUS2011F & FTX1005F may be completed concurrently
Course outline:
This course introduces students to essential business research methods and principles and
incorporates elements of professional communication so as to maximise the effectiveness of
these research endeavours. The scope of the course is wide ranging and, inter alia, students
will be empowered with the skills and practices to apply the principles to their own particular
area of interest
The course will consist of core theory lectures and break away sessions as per the relevant
diploma streams. Students will be expected to participate in a capstone group project. This
project will culminate in the submission of a final written report, demonstrating the above
competencies, together with an oral presentation within the year-end mini conference.
DP requirements: Attendance at 80% of the workshops, submission and presentation of the
final project and a minimum of 40% in the mid-year test.
No group of students will be allowed to submit and present the final project unless all early
stages have been assessed in accordance with the course requirements. All students are
expected to fully participate in the group project – failure to do so will jeopardise their DP
Coursework 100%
(Research Project Modules: 30%; Mid-year Class Test: 15%; Final Report: 20%; Oral
Presentation: 15%; Case Study Examination: 20%) 

Last updated : 16 Apr 2015

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