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NQF credits: 18 at HEQSF level 8
Convener Dr E Wood
Course entry requirements Registration for a Postgraduate Diploma in Management offered by the
School of Management Studies and prior or concurrent completion of BUS2011F and FTX1005F
Course outline:
The aim of the course is to develop a deep appreciation for the practice of effective “general
management” and to help students prepare for a career in or working alongside general
management. This term applies equally to senior manager(s) in an established enterprise to whom
functional and project managers report as it does to the founding entrepreneur(s) in a young,
emerging enterprise. In essence, general management involves responsibility for the direction,
sustainability and performance of an organisation, its relationship with internal & external
stakeholders and its contribution to society.
While the course will draw on relevant theory and frameworks, its primary focus is practical; the
difference between effective and ineffective general management. As general management requires
a working knowledge of all the main functional areas, the course will give special attention to those 
areas not covered in-depth by the other courses you will be taking. For this reason, we will draw
primarily from the fields of strategy, operations, innovation and leadership. We will also draw on
concepts and tools from other disciplines (e.g. entrepreneurship, marketing, people management,
accounting, & finance) and incorporate those into a holistic view of general management.
DP requirements: Students need to submit all work as documented in the course outline to be
distributed at the beginning of the course. Students need a minimum coursework mark of 40%.
Coursework 50%
Mid-term test (20%)
Group project (30%)
Exam 50% 

Last updated : 16 Apr 2015

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