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36 NQF credits at HEQSF level 8

Convener: S Hendry

Course entry requirements: Student must be registered for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Entrepreneurship.

Course outline:  

This course requires students to set-up and run their own businesses, each of which reports to a Board of Directors from Industry. Attached to the project will be a research component that requires each student to undertake research into some specified area of entrepreneurial activity.

DP requirements: Attendance at ALL Genesis activities is compulsory.To attempt the November examination, the group  or individual mark for a student should be no less than 40%. Students are required to achieve no less than 50% in the November examination. Any student who fails to achieve a minimum of 50% in this examination will NOT have the group mark incorporated in their final mark and the mark achieved in the examination will be the only mark reflected. A fail in the November Genesis exam will result in the student failing Genesis and he/she will not be permitted to graduate with the Diploma.

Assessment: Although the Genesis project is a group project, candidates will be evaluated individually as well. The evaluation of the Genesis Project is continuous and is derived from the principles of action learning. Coursework 60%, Mid-year examination 10%, Final examination 30%

Last updated : 17 Jan 2019

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