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NQF credits: 18 at HEQSF level 8
Convener Dr D Maralack
Course entry requirements Registration for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management in
Sport Management
Course outline
The course provides students with a holistic understanding of core scientific approaches to
sport management. Students will develop a broad understanding of the ways in which
disciplines such as research and science, physiology, sports medicine, human movement,
biomechanics, metabolism, sports nutrition, high performance, performance analysis and
monitoring are interconnected and how these disciplines impact on sports management.
Students will apply a scientific methodology to exercise and sport and in particular focus on
managing, analysing and monitoring sport performance. Students will be able to engage with
the physiology of athletes (muscle, cardiovascular system, genetics, metabolism and
neurophysiology), the principles of training for fitness, injury and rehabilitation (adaptation
and de-adaptation; team monitoring and fatigue management over a season). Students will
engage with debates in sport nutrition, performance enhancement in sport (supplements,
banned substances, anti-doping protocols), and mental approach to physical performance.
Students will be exposed to tools for analysis and monitoring of performance to enable them
to effectively manage sport teams, elite athletes and individuals seeking to improve their
health and fitness.
DP requirements: Attendance of all tutorials and submissoin of all assignments as indicated
in the course outline to be distribute at the beginning of the course. A sub-minimum of 40% is
required for all coursework.
Coursework 50% (Tutorials and classwork 20% and Project 30%
Exam 50 % 

Last updated : 16 Apr 2015

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